Let’s Debunk Some Online Betting in India Myths

Online Betting in India Myths

If you’ve already set your feet in the world of online sports betting, then chances are, you’ve most probably come across several lies and myths about the sport. There are tons of tell-tales surrounding the best betting sites India. As a result, many players from India are still skeptical about joining online betting sites and taking part in the activity.

So, today, we’ll be debunking some of the most common myths that you are likely to come across when searching for the best betting sites India. We hope you can discover the truth today and be confident about online sports betting!

Tipsters are always right:

Most players, especially beginners, make the mistake of putting complete faith upon self-proclaimed sports betting gurus assuming they are always right! However, this isn’t true. Most of these tipsters are out there simply to make some money from your pocket. Hence, they know the tricks to entice you and trap you in their selfish motives.

Of course, there are some sites and professional players that genuinely want to help you in your sports betting journey. However, people who ask you for some money to share some tips and guarantee you a 100% win, these people or websites should be best avoided!

You are bound to get addicted to online sports betting:

Yes, there is no denying that online betting or online gambling can get addictive. But it completely depends on an individual and how disciplined they are. Not just betting, but even watching TV or playing video games on your phone is addictive. However, it ultimately depends on you whether or not you fall into the addiction.

Hence, set a proper timing and do not make the mistake of betting too frequently.

Online sports betting is rigged:

Here is another typical sports betting myth that is completely false. To rig or fix a match, a person has to go through an exhaustive control process and pay a huge amount of money, which usually would cost more than the winning amount. Hence, only a fool would rig a match.

Besides, online sports betting is completely random, and nobody has any control over it.

Withdrawing your winning money will take forever:

This myth might have come from a person who unfortunately fell victim to a fraudulent sports betting site. When you play on trustworthy sites, depositing and withdrawing your money is as easy as pie!

Of course, the betting sites do take some time to process the winnings. But when it comes to the top betting sites, they hardly take about a week or two to provide you with the cash prize!

Online sports betting is not safe:

Betting online is completely safe and secure, provided you play on a real online betting site. Some players, unfortunately, make the mistake of playing on the wrong online site. Hence, they get cheated by fraudulent bookies. This is why they come to the conclusion that online sports betting is unsafe as a whole.

However, if you just take some time out to do the homework right and pick the right online betting site, you’ll see that the world of online betting is just as fair and fun as a traditional sportsbook.