Basic Blackjack Strategies – Part I

Blackjack Strategies

If you want to win more and lose less you need a basic strategy for playing blackjack. The basic strategy tells you when to hit, stand, double, and split rather than making decisions based on hunches or “feelings” about what to do. Online blackjack and casino blackjack are won with patience and skill — hunches and wishing will not win. Prayer does not work well at a blackjack game.

The most important single thing to understand about black jack just happens to also be the best news you will hear about the game. The game of black jack is a game where the probable results are governed by knowable mathematical formula and the laws of probability. While it is true that black jack is a game of chance, it is not only a matter of luck. This means there is nothing magical or mysterious about the game. Things happen in the game as a result of rules and laws that you can learn and understand. By understanding, you can take advantage.

There are two other important understandings about black jack which also work to your benefit. Unlike most other casino games, blackjack is a game whose outcome is greatly influenced by the player, right from the moment the player cuts the deck of cards. The dealer is practically a robot. The dealer follows the declared rules of the game and makes no decisions of his own.

Armed with this knowledge, you can be successful. Basic blackjack strategy consists essentially of knowing when to take a hit, split, double down, or stay based on the up card the dealer is showing. Don’t play your intuition. Sometimes you will get lucky when you deviate from the basic strategy, but over time adhering to it will allow you to win more often. The basic strategy can also change based upon how many decks are being dealt. The method used in a single deck game differs slightly from the more common multiple deck shoe. Since single deck games are relatively non-existent, this strategy will be focused on shoes containing 3-8 decks of cards.
Strategy is based on three basic premises. Don’t hit when the dealer has the chance of busting. Do hit when you have no chance of busting. Take advantage of every double down/split situation which comes your way that does not put you in danger of busting. If you can remember these three basic rules, and memorize a few of the specific situations listed above, you have mastered it. If you have ever heard a dealer or another person say something like “the book says to hit”, they are referring to basically any blackjack strategy book that shares these same basic guidelines.